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North Ossetian regions build hydrotechnical protective facilities

The Alagir and Mozdok, districts in the North Caucasian republic of North Ossetia that were hit hardest by the flood, started building hydrotechnical protective facilities, said chairman of the republic's government Mikhail Shatalov at a session of the headquarters for eliminating the flood consequences.

By July 19th, North Ossetia has fully restored energy supplies in 46 towns that suffered from the flood. It organized a temporary schedule of transport transit via 35 damaged and destroyed bridges. Water supply has been restored. Mountainous villages that are difficult to access have fresh water delivered by the trucks of the republic's emergency ministry. More than 1,500 people earlier evacuated have already returned home.

The North Ossetian Tsentrvodresursy estimated the damage inflicted by the flood on hydrotechnical and coast strengthening facilities at 360 million roubles (or $12 million).

During the flood period, the water expenditure in the Terek river amounted to 1,200 cubic meters per second, and at some stretches to 2,000 cubic meters, which, according to experts, happens once in 100 years. The average water volume in North Ossetian rivers increased by 5-6 times.