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Russian Federal Security Service turned to British partners for help

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia turned to the British partners with a request to organise and conduct with the help of national competent bodies an inquiry over former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko in order to obtain information about his contacts with a suspected terrorist Achamez Gochiyayev, said the Russian FSB Public Relations Center to RIA Novosti.

The FSB needs information about Gochiyayev's whereabouts and the explosions, made by the terrorists in Moscow, which the Chechen rebel passed over to Litvinenko.

Achamez Gochiyayev is one of the main suspects who organised explosions of the dwelling houses in Moscow.

Last year Litvinenko received a political asylum in England where he fled under a written undertaking not to leave. In Russia Litvinenko has been sentenced by default to 3.5 years of imprisonment /on probation/ with a one-year period of probation for exceeding his commission and using violence /article 286, according to the Russian Criminal Code/ and threatening to use it, also for illegal purchasing of explosives /article 222/.