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Turkic-speaking Gagauzis wish to join inter-parliamentary Orthodox assembly

The Gagauzi People's Assembly, that is parliament of the autonomy in the south of Moldavia, has applied at the inter-parliamentary Orthodox assembly with the headquarters in Athens for joining this organisation, reports the Gagauzi assembly's human rights commission chairman Ivan Topal.

"Though being Turkic people, the Gagauzis have always professed Orthodoxy, which explains our decision to join the inter-parliamentary Orthodox assembly," he said.

The Gagauzis believe that the Orthodox assembly's 10th conference in June 2003 will pass its decision on admission of the Gagauzis-this idea having been already supported by representatives of the CIS in the inter-parliamentary assembly, that is Armenia, Belorussia, Russia, Georgia and Moldavia.

The inter-parliamentary Orthodox assembly was set up in 2000 by incorporating representatives of more than 20 parliaments and legislative assemblies. Its current chairman Viktor Zerkaltsev is a deputy of the State Duma (lower chamber) of Russia.