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W.H.O. Middle East Office Warns about Critical Situation in the South of Iraq - 29 March, 2003 - News

The Saudi news agency SPA reported from the capital of Jordan that the Middle East office of the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned about the critical situation in the south of Iraq and demanded to stop military operations in that region.

According to Fahit Shafi, director of the WHO office in Amman, systems of water and electric power supply were destroyed or damaged, and a dangerous sanitary situation emerged in Basra and other locations. The population is forced to drink undistilled water, which increases the risk of spread of gastrointestinal and epidemic illnesses. Shafi demanded from the USA and Great Britain to suspend military operations in the south of Iraq and allow members of international organisations to visit the area.

Director of the Jordanian centre of nuclear medicine Farid Ar-Ramk said in his turn that the use of weapons with depleted uranium by American and British troops might trigger an ecological catastrophe. According to him, the use of such weapons in 1991 triggered multiple increase of radiation-related sicknesses among the population of southern Iraq. Entire affected regions turned out to be inappropriate for habitation and economic activity.

Ramk indicated that Iraq did not possess either diagnostic equipment, or medicaments to cure leukaemia, malignant tumours, congenital and hereditary illnesses.