Empty school bus hits: 1 girl killed in Brooklyn

9-year-old boy was being questioned by police after an empty school bus rolled forward and hit and killed a elementary school pupil, police said.

Amber Sadiq was crossing the street near her school Monday when she was struck by the bus in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. The driver wasn't on the bus, and there were no passengers, police said.

The cause of the incident was under investigation. Investigators believe the driver got off the bus and secured it, but the boy may have gotten inside through the back door, an emergency exit that cannot be locked, and caused the bus to move, police spokeswoman Detective Theresa Farello said.

Police said Amber was 8; the Department of Education said she was 7.

Deli worker Sam Ahmad said he saw the girl under the bus and called emergency services. He said he and about a dozen other men tried to lift the yellow bus to free her but it was too heavy.

Crisis intervention would be provided for children at the school, Department of Education spokesman Keith Kalb said, reports the AP.