New way to freez human eggs worked out by scientists

The lead researcher of the project, scientific director of the Kato Ladies Clinic in Tokyo, Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, first used the egg freezing technique using eggs from animals but feels that the same possibility is present for human eggs also.

Recently, sperm that was frozen would be used for in vitro fertilization, however according to Kuwayama, freezing eggs, would lead to them becoming damaged and other difficulties in promoting pregnancy, Dog Flu Diet and Diseases reports.

Only about 150 babies worldwide, including three in Britain, have been born from eggs that have been frozen and thawed.

But Japanese researchers told a fertility meeting they have devised a rapid freezing method that is more effective than the standard technique.

A woman's fertility declines rapidly after the age of 35 until she reaches the menopause, which usually occurs around 50.

The technique could allow young cancer patients to freeze their eggs before having treatments which could damage their fertility, according to the Age.

Career women who want to delay having children could also freeze their eggs for use in fertility treatments at a later date. But fertility experts advise women not to delay pregnancy until it may be too late.