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Wizz Air airplane catches fire at Romanian airport

A Wizz Air Airbus A-318 caught fire early Wednesday at a Bucharest airport, but nobody was hurt for all the passengers were evacuated, authorities and the company said.

One of the plane's engines caught fire at about 6.20 a:m (0320 GMT) as the plane was sitting on the runway waiting to fly to Budapest, Hungary, Alin Maghiar spokesman for the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations was quoted as saying by state news agency Rompres.

Wizz Air said in a statement there was a problem with an engine but did not elaborate.

The fire was put out by the plane's internal extinguishing system, Maghiar said.

Some 25 firefighters at the airport helped the passengers evacuate, he added.

Passengers were waiting to be boarded on another plane, and the flight will be delayed by 11 hours, the company statement said.

Wizz Air apologized for the incident and reassured its customers of the safety of its flights.

Wizz Air is a budget airline, whose main bases of operation are in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. It started flying from Romania in July.

Russia’s unmanned underwater drone Poseidon disassembled

The prospective Russian unmanned underwater vehicle Poseidon will be launched for the first time this fall, a source in the military-industrial complex of Russia said.

According to the source, the Poseidon will be launched from the Belgorod nuclear submarine.

The vehicle has not been assembled yet - scientists only test separate components and units of the system.

Alexander Zhilin, the head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Issues of National Security, believes that the underwater drone can be on alert and take part in military operations at any time without any restrictions. According to the expert, the drone provides enormous protection against external interventions.

In February 2019, the Ministry of Defense unveiled the first video of Poseidon's range operations.  Putin later said that the drone carrier would be launched in spring.

New UN Women report puts forth policy agenda to end gender inequalities within families

New UN Women report puts forth policy agenda to end gender inequalities within families

Portuguese Legislative Elections: Alliance to the Left

Portuguese Legislative Elections: Alliance to the Left

Yes to peace! No to NATO!

Yes to peace! No to NATO!

Russian billionaires become $62 billion richer during pandemic

Over the past two months, the number of dollar billionaires in Russia has increased from 99 to 101 people, while their combined wealth has grown from $392 to $54 billion.