Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

USA launches new campaign against Cuba

Another intrusive and hypocritical campaign by Washington, a fine example of the arrogance, belligerance and chauvinism which constitute the ABC of its international relations. Under a cloak of “solidarity”, Washington tries to plant the tentacles of its imperialistic domination.

The campaign “Solidarity with Cuba”, launched yesterday by Washington, is an example of the cynicism and interference which have been the basis of this murderous regime for decades. The campaign “Solidarity” includes, as it is to be expected, references to the “democratization” of the Isle.

By “democratization”, read “demonization”.

The “democratization” of the United States of America, we have already seen in Iraq, where Freedom and Democracy took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, where in the name of Freedom and Democracy, they dropped cluster bombs on residential areas, where Freedom and Democracy saw the contents of Baghdad’s museums written on inventories in Washington, before the “war” began, by the supporters of the White House who wished to go shopping without paying.

Baghdad, where Freedom and Democracy destroyed so many homes, burning families alive, making laughing children orphans, leaving healthy children para- or tetraplegic, choosing as military targets civilian structures. Freedom and Democracy, distributing billionaire contracts without tender. Freedom and Democracy, buzz words vomited forth for easy digestion by a population deliberately kept ignorant and uneducated by the clique of corporative elitists who gravitate around the White House, dictating its internal and external policy, at the cost of the noble precepts of the Founding Fathers. While their leaders grow fatter. While the prices of basic necessities spiral out of the reach of more and more of the country’s citizens. While growing millions in the world outside die of starvation, in the year 2008.

But Havana does not need this Freedom and Democracy; the Cubans have their own democratic institutions. The current political system was not imposed from above, but rather, chosen freely in a public referendum in 1976. Every two years, the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies are chosen by a free and fair open democratic vote. Every five years, the delegates to the Provincial Assemblies and the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament) are chosen in the same way. The voting process is secret, direct, respects the majority will and the Communist Party neither proposes candidates, nor does it support any candidate, nor does it intervene directly in the process.

Has Washington’s free and democratic media ever informed anyone of these details? Has it ever informed its public, who live in a regime so free and democratic that they cannot even travel freely and democratically to Cuba to spend some paradisiacal holidays, of the humanitarian aid that the Republic of Cuba renders around the world in developing countries, in the areas of medicine and healthcare and education, without any economic interest in return?

So let the leaders of the United States of America, when they deliver their puerile, hollow and empty speeches and launch their Day of Solidarity with Cuba, remember the great ethical and moral stain on this Isle, the enormous outrage against human rights in the Antilles and the only blow against Freedom and Democracy in Cuba – the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, property of the United States of America, the stage for scenes of torture and illegal incarceration without due legal process on a scale unseen since the Inquisition.

If this is the Freedom and Democracy that the United States of America wishes to instal in Cuba, then thanks – but no thanks.

The naked truth is that the Cuban Revolution is the fruit of the sovereign will of the Cuban People; Cuba protects and does not violate human rights, it is an example of resistence and international solidarity and the victim of the cruellest and most aggressive imperialist policies of the USA.



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