Author`s name Mark S. McGrew

Immigration Fraud

Mark S. McGrew

Note to our readers: This article was first published in the largest English speaking magazine in Mexico, “El Ojo Del Lago”, in August 2007. Since this article was published, cities, counties and states have passed laws to rid their communities of illegal aliens, along with US immigration authorities drastically increasing apprehension of illegal aliens, resulting in many of those aliens being jailed and/or deported.

Illegal immigration has nothing to do with who stole what. The illegal alien problem in the USA is only about crime, chaos, slave labor and fiscal irresponsibility.

I don't care who stole what. All governments, except maybe China, stole the land they sit on.

But a treasonous, traitorous government, giving away their citizens’ earnings to a bunch of ungrateful criminals is wrong. For Mexico to encourage 20% of her people to go to a land that has no patience for criminality and cultural disrespect, exposing those settlers to jail, ridicule and assaults, or worse, is psychopathic cruelty.

A government that actively encourages and assists 20% of their citizens in going to another country, unprepared and uneducated to be able to flourish, with the true results being crime, hate, death and chaos is a dysfunctional leadership.

For any Nation to secretly invite aliens, while ignoring their own immigration laws, is criminal contemptibility. It sets the stage for violent, rapid deportation of unprepared innocent people, when the regime changes.

Illegal immigration is not a question about Nations. It is about people. Nations come and go. People are always here. Nations have been lying and stealing from people since politicians invented themselves. People, of all Nations………agree to get along with each other, regardless of each Nation’s corrupt politicians.

America may need cheap labor, but it doesn’t need unbridled crime waves. If a corporation can not make a profit by doing business legally, they should not be in business. Taxpayers in both Nations should not have to share the corrupt burden of keeping degenerate CEOs in business.

Henry Ford said, “I pay my people more than the normal wages because I want them to be able to afford to buy my cars.” William Ford made a seriously dysfunctional statement to his employees recently, “Employees who don’t buy a Ford, don’t park in our close-in parking lot.”

People, not Nations, pay for this nepotistic incompetence. Mexican people and American people suffer, due to corrupt corporations aligning with corrupt governments.

Famous WWII Fascist, Benito Mussolini gloated over that alignment, calling it: Corporatism.

I don’t care who comes from where. I did not draw the lines of borders. Passports are a modern invention, from only 80 years ago. People have a right of free passage, no less than the birds and the winds.

If I am getting paid $20 an hour to cut lawns and an illegal alien can do the same work, he should get paid $20 also. Anything less is blatant discrimination.

But, the illegal aliens should not be here. America allows more legal immigrants into the country each year than all other Nations on Earth, combined. We give citizenship to over 100,000 immigrants each year. Mexico has granted citizenship to about 15,000 in the past 20 years, while people whined about American immigration policies.

Again, the rejection of illegal Mexican aliens in America is not about immigration. It is about crime, chaos, murder and confusion. Mexican visitors are the only nationality that steadfastly refuses to learn English and obey our laws.

If they can not learn English, that is their problem. But more so for Americans to learn Spanish. And Pakistani. And Arabic. And on and on. It is insane to not speak the language of the country you reside in. California Social Services has “Press 1 through 7” depending on which language you choose to speak in.

Our feelings in America are the mirror image of Mexican citizens: “If you don’t want to speak the language and respect our customs, go back where you came from.”

Many people think this is a big joke: Americans are getting paid back for stealing Mexican lands.

Anyone who thinks American politicians are stupid enough to destroy the Golden Goose, is in for a very rude awakening. American politicians are the most brutal and ruthless on Earth.

80% of the top 200 corporations in the world are American, and the politicians

intend to keep it that way. Cheap labor is a boon to American corporations.

During the Clinton years, prison building was the number one growth industry in America. Politicians were screaming for TEN TIMES as many prison beds, when we had the largest prison population in the world, at about 1.4 million.

Homeland Security gave a $365 million contract to Haliburton to build detention centers for illegal aliens. American government contracts almost always expand.

Our politicians know that one half of the aliens will go to jail. The proof is all over the newspapers. We have 20 million or more illegal aliens in America. (The 10-12 million figure is years old and has never been updated.)

One-half of 20 million is the same amount of prison beds we have waiting and ready. American corporations are being given cheap labor and it will only get better. Their cheap labor will soon be working out of prisons for 40 cents an hour. The American dream will be the Mexican slave labor nightmare.

Do the Mexican wives and mothers and grandparents like the idea of being abandoned by their family? I doubt it. Do they profit? No.

40 million or more Mexicans, legal and illegal send “home to mamma” $20 billion a year. How far does $500 a year go in Mexico?

Mexican men have abandoned their families and villages. Some villages have been emptied by the mass exodus encouraged by their government. Mexican corporations are now drawing on an illegal alien labor pool of their own. Families, the bedrock of all civilizations, have been destroyed and will continue being destroyed.

When the past repeats itself, and 20-30 million people are brutally deported to Mexico, what then?

Look to the past, for the answer. It’s there.

Mr. McGrew