Author`s name Alex Naumov

A Sight To Behold

By Kevin Righter

Many people now think that America is like Bizarro World, where everything is backwards. Right is wrong, bad is good, down is up. We wonder, just where the heck did America go? How did we lose her so fast? How can we get her back?

But, suppose for a second, we’re driving down a lonely country road, there is a signpost up ahead, and it says….Next Stop, The Twilight Zone….. and something like this happened:

On the steps of the White House today, Russian President Aleksie Drokova, alongside the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a stunning announcement today which affects us all.

He was introduced by General Michael Madsen, “We asked Mr. Drokova to assist us in a worthy project. He is here by our invitation and we support him 100%. Please listen to him now.”

“Before we begin, let me tell you what most sensible American’s already know, and that is, our election system is a crock. Candidates lie, and no one restricts them or corrects them. The major news media is a bunch of liars and all they do is try to make you believe things that are idiotic. Because of our media and television, most Americans are totally ignorant of what goes on in this country, let alone the rest of the world. Voting machines are used to count our votes and those machines are rigged. Our election process has been hijacked by a well organized group of international gangsters.”

He looked to his uniformed partners, who were all standing tall. These are very serious men. General Madsen continued, “We would be derelict in our duties to sit by and do nothing. We, and you, have a Constitutional Right and a Duty to remove our government if we believe they are criminals. That day has come, but by God! There is no way in Heaven or on Earth that we are going to saddle this Nation with the stigma of a third world military takeover.”

He looked to President Drokova, and down the line to Mr. Drokova’s Generals, looking very much like their American counterparts, proud and stern. A hush fell in the room. People were literally holding their breath. He turned back and pointed into the camera.

“Now, you listen to this man! Because what he is about to tell you is exactly what has happened, what is happening now and what is going to happen. And if anybody doesn’t like it…..well, go find yourself a real third world country to play your dirty tricks.”

He motioned to Mr. Drakova, “Mr. President, thank you for coming and please speak freely. Americans do not like secrets.”

When Mr. Drokova spoke, everyone listened. Some of the keynotes in his speech are below.

“Greetings to the people of the United States of America. We have come in peace and friendship.”

He talked a little about the common goals and beliefs of the American and the Russian people, quickly winning over his audience, before getting down to business.

“We have come to America today, in an attempt to join our common cultures and to unite our peoples in the common cause of humanity. The Iraq war is over.

All troops are being airlifted out of Afghanistan and other hot spots around the globe. There will be no invasion of Iran or any other Nation on Earth by the current American administration. There will be no further aggression, by any military force on Earth.”

“Between 3am and 5am this morning, our military forces, and yours, directed by, and with the assistance of these gentlemen, your Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrested the President of the United States, for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. There was no other option. They will be given a fair trial in an International Court. If they are found guilty, they will be hung.”

He looked to General Madsen, who gave a very obvious nod of encouragement, “Along with the President, also arrested were his Vice-President, the Secretary of State, the U.S. Attorney General and many others. Tomorrow, thousands of government officials across America will be rounded up in lightning strike raids conducted by Russian, American and Chinese military teams. Congress has been closed, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA and many other government agencies. The federal government is virtually out of business, with a few exceptions of agencies providing general welfare to the people of this country.”

Mr. Drokova, was positive and upbeat as he spoke to America, “You all know as well as the rest of the World knows, that your presidential administration is corrupt to the core and is causing uncalled for misery and bloodshed around the globe. All of your Constitutional Rights have been eliminated by this administration. We are here to give those Rights back to the American people.”

Mr. Drokova went on to explain that even though this may appear to be a coup, undertaken by a foreign power, it was anything but.

“In 1963, our political leaders viewed the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a coup against the American people. May I ask you all, do you think life in the United States has changed any since Mr. Kennedy was killed? Has American become more free, or less free? Are the American people as a whole, healthier, better educated, financially better off? Or has the American dream turned into the American nightmare?”

Mr. Drokova’s message was carried on all news stations and published in all newspapers. All schools were ordered to televise his speech to all students.

“We are giving you back, that which is yours: Your country, your Constitution, your laws, your customs, your freedom and your ability to choose good people to manage your country, in your interests. Corporate welfare is over. You will no longer pay exorbitant taxes to support giant mismanaged corporations, such as Wal-Mart.”

Mr. Drokova addressed some of the most critical problems in American today, and without question, all polls show that the American public is 95% in support of Mr. Drokova’s speech and in support of his actions.

“Illegal aliens, have 90 days to vacate the country. After 90 days, any illegal aliens will be put to work on public projects.”

“A review board is in place to investigate Lawyers, Judges, University Professors, School administrators, local, State and Federal politicians and all police officers.

Any violations of the United States Constitution will result in that person joining the illegal aliens on work projects, beneficial to the American people. We are now, as I speak, arresting thousands of violators of your Constitutional Rights.”

It is true that literally thousands of people have been caught trying to flee the country. Mr. Drokova said that The Joint Chiefs of Staff have had all international flights re-routed to an unknown country where all passengers will be investigated.

Anyone found to be attempting to escape America, will be put to death in that unknown foreign country and that tourists or business travelers had no cause for concern and would be financially compensated for the inconvenience.

Mr. Drokova was asked if this means that we are a part of Russia now.

“No. You are America and we respect that. We are only using precision surgical techniques to rid your nation of its devastating cancer. Your country is being returned to the people and your government will continue to function. But this time, in your interests. Certain people have been operating in your country, who seem to have the opinion that the American people are sheep to be sheared and they can murder civilians anywhere on Earth. We totally disagree. American, through the American people has been extremely beneficial to this World. We do not want to lose you. We are making you whole again.”

Mr. Drokova finished his speech by saying, “You will have elections in 90 days. No professional politicians are allowed. We have set up a system whereby each local area can choose who they think should hold office.

All candidates will have equal access time to voice their message, paid for by the American people. All 25,000 registered lobbyists, operating in Washington, D.C have been put in detention centers. In 90 days, the people of this nation, will decide who to elect. You are being given a clean slate. We wish you well and we look forward to welcoming you back to the World community. Thank you, and may God bless you all.”

General Madsen was asked about the ousted President of America.

“I doubt very seriously that you will ever hear another word about that family and their so-called friends. They are all where they belong.”

He finished by saying, “I want everyone in this country to obey any soldier in uniform, whether that uniform is American, Russia or Chinese. Do not listen to any other uniform. If you do that, everything will be the way America was meant to be according to our Constitution. If you do not obey these soldiers, then only God can help you, because they will shoot you where you stand.”

He collected his papers and left the podium with President Drokova and a couple of Chinese gentlemen in suits. The remaining military men stayed to answer any questions. When they were satisfied that there were none, they filed away also.

True to General Madsen’s and President Drokova’s word, elections were held in under 90 days, and the only people who could run for office were people who could pass a detailed test on the American Constitution. Crime became non-existent, business flourished and by following the Constitution, the economy took care of itself. America had come home.