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Open Letter to David Cameron

Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron,

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Cameron,

Open Letter to David Cameron. 44619.jpegI write to you in the name of countless thousands of people across the globe, horrified at NATO's illegal acts of butchery in Libya, disgusted at Britain and France's leadership in yet another totally unnecessary act of aggression against a sovereign state and revolted at the war crimes being committed therein.

Firstly, I agree with you that Britain should stand for something; I disagree that Britain should stand for anything except humanitarian aid overseas, because you were elected not by the international community but rather by (a minority of) the citizens of your own country. I would add that your stand on reaching the UN target of 0.7% of GDP for international aid programmes and your commitment to the international vaccination fund (which by the way is not only a British initiative as insinuated by the British media) is commendable and very welcome.

Secondly, I understand that you took the decision to go to war in Libya because you were convinced that doing nothing was not an option, swayed by the Foreign Secretary's weakened position after allegations that he did not do enough to get Britons out of other countries where there had been uprisings and the consequent need to show some mettle, swayed by the desire to have a second front to take people's eyes away from your unpopular domestic policy, swayed by the unfounded reports of massacres by Libyan Government troops against unarmed civilians (see the photos in this article - are these unarmed civilians, and what would YOU do if thousands of these thugs started committing acts of terrorism in the UK? Wasn't a Brazilian murdered by the police in London because he "looked Asian"?)Open Letter to David Cameron. 44620.jpeg

It worked for Mrs. Thatcher in the Falklands, it worked for John Major in the First Gulf War, it worked for Tony Blair in Kosovo/Yugoslavia, it worked for Tony Blair in Afghanistan, it worked for Tony Blair in Iraq, it worked for Gordon Brown in both theatres, it is supposed to work for you in Libya. Five Prime Ministers, six wars. It is this which sums up the international community's view of Britain, not your commitment to vaccination programmes. I repeat, five Prime Ministers, six wars.

You see, when you kill people, when you strafe civilian structures with military equipment, when you murder people's children and grandchildren, then turn round and say "Well, we are vaccinating poor children as well" it doesn't register. What registers is whether or not someone is a murderer, whatever they choose to do in public to gain brownie points.

Open Letter to David Cameron. 44621.jpegYet the war in Libya, like the vast majority of the others, will be seen with retrospect as a grave mistake and will render you and those responsible for it liable for criminal prosecution for war crimes. This will be your political epitaph and the life-long stone you will carry around your neck in the eyes of many will be the cold-blooded murder of Muammar al-Qathafi's three small grandchildren, all under two years of age. Babies, in fact.

Mr. Cameron, how can you look yourself in the mirror after a NATO pilot strafed a civilian house occasioning an act of butchery like that? How can you sleep at night, how can you work during the day? How can you look at your own children and not imagine what it would be like if they too were targets, and later on, your grandchildren?

 And is it true that you celebrated this strike in private pumping the air with your clenched fist, braying the word "YES!!!!!!!!" and then refused to apologise?Open Letter to David Cameron. 44622.jpeg

Thirdly, Mr. Cameron, could you please explain how the contents of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) are being fulfilled by wanton acts of terrorism and criminal damage occasioning actual and grievous bodily harm, attempted murder and murder, in strafing civilian structures with military hardware, as was the case with Iraq? I am referring to the attack on Nasser University, and the attacks on schools and universities, hospitals, shipyards, factories, not to mention residential areas.

Fourthly, Mr. Cameron, after you had stated clearly that "taking out Gaddafi is not what this is about", why then do you sanction attempts to murder him? Did you know that under international law it is illegal to murder or attempt to murder a head of state?

Open Letter to David Cameron. 44623.jpegDid you know Mr. Cameron that if an act of war has not been declared, then any unlawful killing being occasioned by military action amounts to murder? Did you know also that any damage arising from such action amounts to criminal damage and has to be paid for?


Do you remember, Mr. Prime Minister, the raid by a US Stealth bomber during the First Gulf War in which a "Gotcha!" attack was performed on "Saddam's bunker" except it wasn't, was it? It was a civilian air raid shelter where 315 innocent civilians were slaughtered, including 130 children. Slaughtering children doesn't really matter to NATO does it?

 Fifthly Mr. Cameron, how do you explain the spiralling cost of this mismanaged, unnecessary and poorly planned adventure? It is one thing to play soldiers on Friday afternoons in the Combined Cadet Force pointing guns and going BANG! but another when you take a snap decision based upon abominable and wrong intelligence (see the paragraph below). How do you explain your public services cuts at home while you spend 50,000 USD per aircraft per hour in Libya (100,000 USD when it comes to the Typhoon) plus around 60,000 per night for accommodation of pilots and aircraft, in an illegal and pointless war where the NATO forces are committing 150 terrorist strikes a day (what targets are left anyway?) and where your aircraft have flown around 4,000 hours, amounting to, if we include flying hours, weapons and accommodation, well over 300 million pounds? And then you have the audacity to tell the British public that your government cannot afford to collect household waste every week and that they have to live with stinking piles of second-hand fish and chips and chicken biriani packages rotting by their doorways?Open Letter to David Cameron. 44624.jpeg


Finally, your intelligence. As was the case with Saddam's procurement of yellowcake uranium, the proof that he had WMD (a ten-year-old doctoral thesis copied and pasted from the Net) then the lies that he had chemical weapons hidden around Baghdad and Tikrit, your intelligence is, in a word, crap. Instead of employing intelligent people like myself, it chooses to pick from the Old Schoolboy Network, po-faced public school poofters who wouldn't recognise the difference between a bullet and, pardon my French, a pig's arse.

Did you take into consideration Muammar Al-Qathafi's humanitarian record, the fact that he was to receive a UN prize for this, that he has been commended for his social inclusion programmes, his fight for gay rights, for women's rights, his fight against Islamism, the fact that he was the first world leader to issue an arrest warrant against bin laden and against Al-Qaeda, did you take into consideration his Pan-African programmes building e-learning networks and telemedicine facilities across the continent?Open Letter to David Cameron. 44625.jpeg

No, you did not. You jumped the gun, listened to a handful of ignoramuses who have never left their comfy offices in Whitehall who told you they "thought" that Gaddafy was this and that and being the inept individual you are and always have been (let's face it you couldn't even convince your own electorate to vote for you after being in opposition against Gordon Brown's Government, could you?) you made a childish decision based on short-term gain, following the instincts of the professional politician you have become. You are a disgrace to your party, you are a disgrace to your country and you are a disgrace to yourself.


Open Letter to David Cameron. 44626.jpegHaving said which, I will help you find a get-out clause and strategy. Obviously you will continue to be liable for criminal prosecution for murder, attempted murder, aiding one side in an internal conflict, war crimes and criminal damage under the properly constituted forums of law. However, you could now claim that the original intention to protect civilians (the ones you see in the photographs here and in the videos which show your original intelligence was a false flag event) has been attained, recognise the fact that the initial phase of the war has now ended and that the Libyan Government forces are indeed not fighting civilians but rather, armed terrorists, call upon NATO to halt the strikes and as soon as possible hand over to the African Union to mediate.


It is not only your reputation you are placing at stake here, it is the future of your country, her standing in the international community, the reputation of Britain and Britons abroad. As for the military alliance to which you belong, I cannot see a future for NATO after this. Can you?Open Letter to David Cameron. 44627.jpeg

Mr. Prime Minister, concentrate on your own country, where apparently you are as much of a disaster as you have been in Libya. If people don't want you there (Labour is already ahead in the opinion polls), they sure as Hell don't want you elsewhere. In future mind your own business and ask yourself who the Hell you think you are before you start deciding who should go and stay in the international community.

As a last word, please Google up Mr. Hasidi and then explain to your electorate why the UK is supporting someone who was arrested for belonging to Al-Qaeda, who was actively engaged in fighting against British troops in Afghanistan and who engaged the help of the infamous Benghazi terrorists to be suicide bombers in Iraq, again against British troops.


That would be all.


Open Letter to David Cameron. 44629.jpeg


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Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey