Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

War on terror over, war for Islamic terrorism just begun

By Stanislav Mishin

The American regime's strongman, Sheikh Obama has declared that the war on terror has ended. Yup, all over, the ill-begotten war on a tactic is done.

However, the American Jihad for the enlargement of the Caliphate, through Islamic Sunni terrorism, genocide and enslavement of humanity has only just begun.

Obama and his lackeys, Cameron the Clown and Bonaparte Hollande, have declared it their mission to arm the Syrian Free Army, that is fighting (and losing) to make Syria Free of all minorities, non psycho Sunni view points and all logic, wisdom and any future. Be they into murdering their war prisoners, having 8-year-olds beheading surrendered enemies, frying the heads of the enemy dead, sending suicide bombers to butcher women and children or as is now being reported (and to the glee of such Obama enablers as Manchurian McCain or Gay Rights Graham)  the murder of a whole Christian village.

US backed Syrian Rebels Reportedly Massacre Christian Village

That last one will definitely earn them a few million more from the pockets of the dumbed down and unemployed American dummies. What's the going rate on Christian scalps for Uncle Jihad and his American terror enablers?

The West, while enslaving their own people at an unprecedented rate in the post-Hitler era (and the tyrants came to power with about as much resistance as Hitler: none) are falling all over themselves to arm every radical they can find, be they Egypt, Bosnia, Albania, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq or now Syria's would be new owners.

The future will be interesting times and Obama and his international gaggle of criminals are out to make sure it's a Christianless Green future....the Green of Islamic Caliphate.

Congratulations, Americans, you really did it this time.

Stanislav Mishin

The article originally appears on the author's blog and was reprinted with the kind permission from the author