Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Washington has lost the battle, I predict it has lost the war

US subversion: A Double-dealing, back-stabbing two-faced policy

Syria: Let us examine who and what the United States of America is arming behind the scenes with deadly weaponry while its representative John Kerry sits smiling at his colleague and friend Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. The bad-faith, double-dealing, two-faced policy of Washington is revealed.

As Washington's demonic plan for a unilateral strike on Syria was defeated this week, the game goes on, now translated into a policy of upping the stakes by supplying Syrian terrorists with more sophisticated equipment. So this is the peace plan Washington agreed to? Is this what summarizes US foreign policy? Is this what Washington represents?

As back-stabbing John Kerry sits opposite his friend Sergei Lavrov, he knows very well that the USA is continuing to send weapons to the terrorist organizations fighting against the government forces of President al-Assad. Including al-Qaeda. He knows this. He knows they have chemical weapons. The Iranians warned the USA of this a year ago. Two hundred and fifty million dollars of US taxpayers' money is the initial figure quoted for arming terrorist forces in Syria, which include al-Qaeda. The equipment includes vehicles, communications equipment, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles. The bed-boys? Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, as usual.

Intrusion into the internal affairs of a sovereign state is illegal under international law, as is taking sides in an internal conflict. It is by now patently obvious that the aim of US foreign policy is not about chemical weapons, it is about removing President al-Assad and installing a Washington-friendly government or else allowing Syria to descend into sectarian chaos, as is the case in Iraq and in Libya. Divide ut regnes, as Julius Caesar would have said (Divide so that you can rule). In any case, the huge reserves of natural gas discovered off Syria's coast a few months before the "Revolution" started explain it all... need we say more?

Can we see a pattern here? Washington has lost the battle, I predict it has lost the war. When a policy starts to become stale, it leaves itself open. Let us examine what it is. It starts with lies (Colin Powell at the UNO, the FUKUS Axis - France, UK, US - at the UNSC, US/UK Intelligence regarding Syria). Ten years ago, the international community was duped because the major part of humankind either was not online or else did not yet have access to social networks or social media sites telling the truth. Lies no longer work.

Today, people are linked through networks and today the assumption that Americans are fat, ignorant and stupid makes no sense at all. Eventually we will say the same about Jews and Israelis and also, about those living in Arab countries. Jews are not Zionists, Arabs are not barbarians, Americans are not fat and stupid. What the social networks do give us is information and those stupid enough to regurgitate the lies peddled by the corporate bought media should sit down, shut up and listen.

Information cuts through the lies, we can network and find out what is going on. And what is going on? The Syrian terrorist forces backed by the USA are beheading children (how would American citizens feel if their kids were decapitated in the street?), they are torturing fire service personnel, they are raping women, they are slicing the breasts off girls in public...

And President Obama and Secretary Kelly sit opposite their Russian counterparts knowing this, and continue to arm this filth, and pretend nothing is happening?

What adjectives describe this demonic duo?



Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey