Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Charles Fargo: USA and Geneva Conventions

In reading Mr. Hinchey's commentary and the response of Michael Abbot citing partial exerts of the articles on the Geneva Convention. 
In my viewpoint in the most part, I can agree in many parts, in which both have commented on.  May I point out, in any war, mankind has ever fought.  Some where both sides in some way, failed to fully follow the rules of engagement.  Yet, depending on whose side of the fence, one viewed the onset of events that took place. 
In pointing out in both sides of the commentaries of, Mr. Hinchey and Mr. Abbot.  The current war is taking place geography in the middle east.  The factor in respect, opponets of the United States and allies.  Live under the laws of Islam. Do they not?  Where the United States  is supposed to follow
the Geneva Convention.  In my opinion and knowledge of the fore mentioned, some treatments of some of the prisioners of war, the articles of the convention were now followed.

To continue.   The hostage kidnappings and beheadings did not start occuring, untill after the prisioner treatment was fully disclosed in the media world wide.   Taking into consideration,  in which the laws of Islam have to say on the sexual deveance commited on the Iraqi POW's while they were detained.   Whereas there are altogether.  Two seperate cultures and two differant sets of rules of engagment.

Whereas, if one were to take an in depth look. Into the laws and beliefs of Islam.  There would be a bit better understanding  as why Arab citizens are responding in the mannor that they are.  We that are claiming to live in christianity. Or that appear not to follow the standards of Islam.  Well?  Is the Arab culture really barbaric?  Does the Arab culture look upon the culture to the west as barbaric?

As an American citizen, in my years, I have learned the hard lessons of.  Knowing all the facts possible.  To assume on just a few facts, or not knowing, or not incorporating all of the facts.  Brings a rather hard downfall in return.

Remember.  There are two sides to any story.  Both will contain the hard facts and truths.  Yet, as always.  The winner gets to write the history his way.

Charles Fargo