Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Bush has caused more strained relationships overseas

Bush has managed to once again alienate US relationships overseas.  Based upon information, the US security level was raised to condition Orange, and published the name of the person whose computer had the damaging information on it. 

In the process the US trashed a deep throat operation by the British and Pakistan governments.  The British and Pakistan governments were closing in on other high level Al-Qaida leaders and arrests were within reach.  

Once the US published Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan’s name, the Al-Quaida leaders and members fled and the operation was thwarted. Kahn’s cooperation with Pakistan intelligence ended right on the spot. Kahn was close to completely selling out Al-Qaida. 

Both the governments of Britain and Pakistan launched statements written in very strong terms, protesting the US publishing the name of their cooperative. 

Bush has said very publicly, and boasting, while on the campaign trail that Al-Qaida is weakened and close to ineffective due to his (Bush) efforts. However, the information from Khan and the evidence on his computer shows that Al-Qaida, is gathering strength and their recruiting efforts are highly successful – completely opposite to what Bush might have us believe. 

We have a president who is not being honest with his people and we have a president who torpedoed the efforts of other governments to help bring Al-Qaida to an end.  He did this all for the sake of his own reelection. 

At what point will other governments stop cooperating with the US? Or worse – they look at the US and say “We’re outta here, you’re on your own. Now go away”.  That is a stark reality, and whatever Al-Qaida does in this country, or to this country, will be blood on Bush’s hands. 

Michael Berglin