Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Michael Banas: Fundamentalism and its roots should be attacked

Why do the media look for blame for terrorists and their actions, other than those who are terrorists, supporters and financers?
Russia, Europe, U.S.A, China, India and most of the rest of the world are at war with Muslim  Fundamentalism.

We have no choice in the matter it is a war that they have declared and intend to carry through.The first thing to be done is for the nations leaders,in concert, to declare that the third world war is in progress, that they and their people are at war together and will take the fight to the enemy.That means attacking Fundamentalism at its roots, the Mullahs and the finance behind them.When they preach death and destruction on the infidels then they must expect the infidels to come to the conclusion that they mean what they say. For it is from this intelectual core that the filth of terrorism gains its strength.We must take the war to them, for they surely mean to bring it to us.Let the deaths of those children not be in vain. Allow the anger to unite the world from its slumber, put aside any difference and join the fight that is upon us.