Over 2,000 Dwelling Houses to Be Built in Chechnya's Capital in 2003 - 19 March, 2003

This year it is planned to build 2,000 individual and 30 municipal dwelling houses in the capital of Chechnya, Grozny, acting General Director of the Directorate of Construction and Rehabilitation in the Chechen Republic Mikhail Falileyev said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The restoration of the social, educational and medical institutions will continue in the city. In particular, the republic's first prosthesis-orthopedical centre will open in Grozny already this week.

All in all, according to Falileyev's data, it is planned to restore and build 73 medical and 60 educational institutions in Chechnya this year. According to him, 35 million roubles have been allocated for the restoration of social facilities.

Furthermore, a building materials combine will soon start working in Grozny. "It will have substantial impact on the rate of the rehabilitation work", Falileyev stressed. June 2003 will see the opening of one more important object of the construction industry - a quarry directorate which will supply the construction projects of the city and of the nearby districts with sand, he said.