"Uncontrolled migration threatens national security"

First Vice Speaker of Russian State Duma, Lubov Sliska calls for a new unified strategy to fight terrorism.

She has made the appropriate proposal Tuesday during the parliamentary hearings concerning “present-day problems of lawful control of the fight against terrorism.”

According to Sliska, beginning of the 21st century has been marked by serious exacerbation of the terrorism problem—one of the major threats of modern-day civilization.

“Government must fight terrorism,” noted the first Vice Speaker. “This is a complex problem, which demands coordination of all forces and means in order to achieve the set goal.”

Sliska has also remarked that one of the dangers of terrorisms lies in the fact that it provokes authorities to take violent measures in return; it destabilizes democratic institutions, and promotes practice of human rights violation as well as deform society's psychological climate.

“Basically, today we find ourselves facing a unique case,” remarked the first Vice Speaker.
Sliska has also expressed her regrets towards mass media, since it still cannot figure out its place in fighting political extremism and terror's ideology. According to her, mass media has to limit depictions of violence and brutality.

Uncontrolled migration, according to Sliska, appears to be another problem contributing to terrorism promotion. She brings to the public attention the fact regarding nearly 4 million immigrants living in Russia illegally.

According to Sliska, such uncontrolled migration poses tremendous threat to national security, and its connection with the terrorism problem simply “augments the threat”.       
The first Vice Speaker stated that the State Duma is attempting to take measures to fight terrorism through law enforcement. In particular, certain new amendments will soon be introduced to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The new amendments are aimed at toughening penitentiary punishment for terrorism.

Sliska has also expressed a need to unite efforts at an International level to fight terrorism.