Author`s name Olga Savka

New Gear Developed To Protect from Bullets and Knives

The new gear is both reliable and comfortable

Engineers of the German company Twaron Products GmbH invented the new protective gear made of several layers of ultra-strong textile fabric. The new gear was made to protect from gun and stab wounds. The clothes are rather comfortable to wear too.

Policemen and other law-enforcement officers often risk to be wounded in their work. Flak jackets can be good against fire arms, but criminals often attack with knives as well. A group of researchers from the German company Twaron Products GmbH developed special clothes to protect law-enforcement officers both from stab and gun wounds.

Numerous suggestions to design stab-proof clothes have been put forward before. All the projects were dismissed because either the clothes were too heavy and not flexible or they could not protect against needle-shaped weapons. In addition, the clothes were not comfortable to wear. That is why, scientists decided to develop the clothes that would meet the requirements of safety and comfort. The group of researchers discovered, the multi-layer protective clothes obtained efficient qualities, if several layers were covered with solid materials coated with phenolic, urea-formaldehyde resins, latex and epoxy.

The protective gear counts several layers of fabric. The number of layers depends on various factors, including comfort and price. In general, it is believed the more layers - the better, although the precise number depends on the required level of protection. The newly-designed protective gear consists of 5-50 layers of common fabric and 2-20 layers of fabric covered with solid materials. The tests of the new protective clothes showed, they were not worse than traditional flak jackets.