Siberia Science Charts Nation for Long-Term Cash Planning

Experts at a Siberian artificial intelligence institute are working on a massive world-first computer program to help the state place budget funds fairly around the vast regions
It's a project even Microsoft has not delivered, and is designed to replace several programs currently used to do the job. In Finland, similar attempts are recorded a failure, officials say.

Software being developed by experts from Novosibirsk is unique in financial forecasting, and is designed to assess regional budgetary needs for years to come. The work builds on expertise developed over the last decade for Moscow City Government and Russia's nuclear power ministry.

The program is building a database to map varying population needs across Russia's 11 time zones, providing data on demographics, social needs and allocation of state allowances.

Russian heart specialists believe a new method of ischemic disease treatment may help save 120,000 lives a year in Russia.

The advance aims to tackle what's recognised as a large-scale killer across the nation. Coronary specialists unveiled research results at a Moscow congress. This shows that if traditional therapy for the disease is coupled with inhibitor medicines, it reduces cardiovascular death rates by 20 percent and other disease risks by nearly a quarter.

Chief cardiologist at Russia's health ministry Yury Belenkov told congress delegates the new medicines should be mandatory in Russian therapy for a disease taking a vast toll among the population. His call reflects serious concern among state authorities at demographic decline and an ageing population.

Research was under way for five years in 424 clinics, covering 12,200 patients in 24 countries.

Michael Stedman