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"Dead" or "Living" Water for Long Life?

Since childhood, everybody remembers fairy tales about the living and dead water having unusual healing power
As it turned out, the fairy tales are not too far from the reality. The characteristics of drinking water have a serious effect on health. Regarding the anomalous properties, water stands apart from other chemical compounds.

Water plays a particular role in people's life. More than half of a person's body is water; water maintains the body's intracellular pressure, acts as the solvent and the environment for intracellular chemical reactions; it performs as a thermoregulator and other functions.

Life exists on the planet thanks to the unusual physicochemical properties of water. A man needs 2 liters of water a day on average. Additionally, the quality of water is very important for health. It is known that harmful substances may accumulate in the human organism. Even if water contains just tiny concentration of harmful substances, being accumulated in bones and adipose tissues day after day on a regular basis, they may reach considerable amounts and reveal their toxic properties. Thus, if drinking water contains just a bit of contaminants, it will have a negative effect upon the health one day.

Tap water contains several classes of contaminants. As chlorination is the method used for disinfection, tap water contains substances that appear as a result of interaction between chlorine with organic matters that water contains. To this day, it is still disputed whether chlorinated water contains dangerous dioxides and furans which are even more toxic than curare poison, or not. It is highly likely that they do appear in water. Usage of mass spectrometry reveals that tap water contains over 50 chloride-bearing organic substances. Chloroethane, trichloroethylene, chlorophenol and other substances discovered in tap water even in the slightest concentrations are harmful for the human organism. Water taken for treatment contains ions of heavy metals.

Having passed several stages of treatment, water may still contain the residual concentration of iron and aluminum compounds that are used in reagent refinement. Cast-iron and steel pipes, copper and zinc parts of water taps add to the metals that contain in drinking water. Sometimes, tap water goes through the pipe system and contains even more contaminants than it has had after water treatment because of the secondary contamination. That is why West European countries now prefer plastic water pipe systems. In any case, tap water demands addition purification with the help of filters if it is meant for drinking and cooking.

As for water purification, science and technology have considerably advanced. Even fisherman and tourist manuals suggest recommendations of making a simple water filter. Being outdoors, water taken from natural reservoirs can be purified with a simple filter made of available components: a plastic bottle with layers of cotton wool, coal taken from a campfire, a layer of cotton wool and sand. Nowadays, modern scientific achievements are used forfilter production. For better water refinement filters are made of porous ceramics, fibrous sorbents and activated charcoal enriched with silver compounds. However, researchers are still working on new methods for better purification of drinking water which may help turn dead water into living water. 

Scientific sources frequently report that water has the crystal structure, in other words, its structure is not the movement of chaotic molecules but a well-ordered hexagonal molecular structure. This structure has its peculiar memory and may carry some information. This structured water mostly exists in the nature, in water reservoirs, under the ground and is generated as a result of ice thawing. Water that the human body contains is also structured. Water undergoing treatment, boiling, chlorination and transportation along water pipes suffers turbulent, chemical and thermal effects and loses its well-ordered structure. This water is actually dead water. It has none of the therapeutic properties of the living structured water. Thus, when people drink tap water they fill their bodies with dead water. It is supposed that mountain dwellers live for a very long period thanks to drinking melted ice water with the well-ordered structure and containing healing properties.

As soon as it was clear that water has a crystal structure, several attempts have been made to turn the dead water into living water by freezing. It was even recommended to drink melted ice which acquired well-ordered structure after unfreezing. When additional scientific facts were obtained, the freezing technology became even more complicated.

It turned out that the dead water might recover its healing properties if it is placed inside of magnetic field. The newest water purification stage provides for installing of a magnetic funnel into the filter cock; water acquires the crystal structure after running through the funnel. Thus, the modern domestic filter for drinking water includes several stages of water purification. This is a complex of devices and materials for complex purification of water. The first stage is a hard filter, a ceramic cartridge to stop organic chlorinated additives. The second stage is a charcoal cartridge to stop organic chlorinated compounds and other harmful additives. Sometimes charcoal is enriched with silver compounds that serve for better disinfection. Then, ion-exchanging materials may be used to release water from heavy metals. The ion-exchanging cartridges may add some healing elements to water as a result of the ion metathesis. The last stage of turning the dead water into the living one is a magnetic funnel or a swirler. In fact, modern filters of this class are expensive, but each of us chooses the priority in life. Some people treat recommendations of any kind rather skeptically and take no measures to save their health. Indeed, the process of turning the dead water into the living one sounds very much like a fairy tale.

Vitaly Lipik, Belarus
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