Author`s name Olga Savka

Rich and poor Russians die out because of stresses

The country's losses in manpower will make up over 10 million people within 2006-2015

It is an open secret that Russians are gradually dying out, and experts state that dying out has become even quicker in the past years. Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Dmitry Lvov says Russia is experiencing the super death-rate phenomenon now. And death-rate is especially high among able-bodied people. Vitality does not even depend upon the level of incomes. Rich Russians die as often as citizens with low incomes do.

And this time the extinction is not caused by alcoholism, the typical reason why Russians may die even in young age.  The death-rate as a result of drug addiction, alcoholism, traumatism and traffic accidents makes up just ten per cent in the total death-rate in Russia. Today, majority of the Russian population is gripped with enormous psychological and emotional stress, many Russians feel continuous anxiety neurosis. Experts say this is the after-effect of the economic upheavals of the 1990s and unpopular reforms currently carried out in the country. Anxiety seriously affects people's hearts and results in cancer, the most frequent reason of death among Russians.

Today, the death-rate among able-bodied Russians is 4.5 times higher than that in Europe. At that, only 17 per cent of Russians are satisfied with the state of their health. The Russian Ministry for Economic Development and Trade has calculated, the country's losses in manpower will make up over 10 million people within 2006-2015 (which means one million of able-bodied people a year). Forecasts also state that Russia's population will reduce twice in 60 years.

Americans have recently predicted that amount of the Russian population will drop to less than 100 million people in 50 years. They stated Russians would die out because of unrestrained alcoholism and AIDS epidemic. Democrat Joseph Biden from the Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs says Russia is gradually recognizing the seriousness of the problem. The senator is sure that Russia's reluctance to care of health issues explains why the government prefers to appropriate financing for other problems and not national health care. Thus, one may suppose that Russians will become an absolutely extinct nation by the mid-22nd century.