Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russia ranked 29th among world's healthiest nations

Russia was ranked 29th on the list of the countries possessing the highest level of the national health index. The research was conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Scientists analyzed the situation in 45 largest countries of the globe that share almost 90 percent of the global GDP and accumulate about 77 percent of the world’s population.

The Chinese scientists took account of the state of the human nervous and immune systems, the psychic conduct and metabolism. They summed up all those indexes and derived the average of the national health index.

The report, published by China Daily, says that Finland, Denmark and Sweden top the list as the countries with the highest level of the national health index. Norway and Australia are included in the top 5 too.

The United States is ranked 11th. China itself is listed on the 13th position being the first nation among developing nations. The most pitiable situation has been formed in Nigeria, which the researchers placed at the very end of the list.

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Sweden
4. Norway
5. Australia
6. New Zealand
7. Canada
8. Austria
9. Switzerland
10. Netherlands
11. United States
12. United Kingdom
13. China
14. France
15. Germany
16. Japan
17. Singapore
18. Chile
19. Malaysia
20. Spain
21. Belgium
22. Brazil
23. Korea, Rep.
24. Thailand
25. India
26. Greece
27. Portugal
28. Czech Republic
29. Russian Federation
30. Israel
31. Italy
32. Mexico
33. Argentina
34. Romania
35. Poland
36. Turkey
37. South Africa
38. Indonesia
39. Morocco
40. Philippines
41. Egypt, Arab Rep.
42. Ukraine
43. Pakistan
44. Venezuela, RB
45. Nigeria