Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Poor student from Moldova inherits 950 million euros from his German uncle

A wealthy man from Germany made his distant relative, a poor student from Moldova, a billionaire and a real estate mogul. The student, Sergei Sudev, saw his uncle only twice when he visited him in Berlin. The uncle left the young man a 950-million-euro fortune and all his property, including real estate.

Sergei Sudev told reporters that he had learned about his inheritance from an authorized person of his deceased relative in Germany. The newly-made billionaire will have to travel to Germany soon to sign papers and register his fortune.

Sergei is a student of the department for journalism of a local university in Moldova. He also works at a local radio station. The young man said that his life had not changed yet, except for the fact that he had been nicknamed as 'mult' in his hometown. In addition, many of his friends and town-fellows shower him with requests of financial help. Residents of a small town of Komrat, Moldova, started to share Sergei’s money when they learned of his immense fortune. It has become the most talked-about subject in the town.

The fortune of Sergei Sudev (31) – almost 950 million euros – equals the annual budget of the whole of Moldova. The town with the 25,000-strong population has gone mad. Everyone, especially young women, want to become his best friend in town. The student’s fortune became a subject of discussion at a session of the local government too.

Sergei works as a DJ of a local radio station for 150 euros a month. “I found my uncle on the Internet in 1998 and sent him an email. He replied and invited me to come and visit him. He gave me a hearty welcome in Germany and even sent me some money afterwards, although I did not ask for it. That was not big money at all – 100 or 150 euros,” Sergei said.

The 56-year-old uncle died of heart failure in September 2007. His lawyers came to Komrat a year later and announced his will. Sergei could not believe his ears. He became the chief shareholder of a German bank and the owner of his uncle’s entire movable and immovable property.

“For the time being, this fortune brings me only problems and headache. I wouldn’t like to get into trouble because of it. I can not go out like I did before. I decided to buy a pack of cigarettes today, but the people in the store deluged me with their questions, congratulations and requests,” the man said.

Komrat is a tiny town that knows no traffic jams whatsoever. The opening of a new kiosk or the installment of new traffic lights is a significant event for every resident there, and they may discuss it for a week.

Local officials gathered for a meeting to discuss the news of Sergei’s fortune. They wanted to find out how the man was going to spend his money and whether he was going to donate some to his hometown.

The fortune consists of 950 million euros, the control shareholding of a German bank, deposits, real estate in Germany, Italy, France and jewelry.