Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Impotent pervert rapes his lover with entrenching shovel to death

The police investigate an atrocious murder of a military woman, who was murdered by her boss in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region. The man lost control over himself on account of his own impotence and raped his lover with an entrenching shovel to death.

Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Bezdnyakov has been charged with perverted rape with lethal outcome, news agency reports.

The dead body of a 41-yerar-old woman named only as Irina S. was found at night September 25. The officer on duty was walking the military college, when he saw that the door of the personnel department office was open. The officer found the woman dead lying topless next to her desk in a big pool of blood.

Her own supervisor, the chairman of the personnel department of the college, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Bezdnyakov, was suspected of the woman’s death. The man left from work late in a state of alcoholic intoxication. He denied everything the next morning, but later confessed to his crime.

Irina S. was never married and was raising her own daughter, Daria, alone. The woman dreamt about having a good family and a loving husband, although she was unlucky with love.

Bezdnyakov started a love affair with his pretty subordinate about two years ago – soon after Irina had found a job at the military college. The woman did not mind the man’s courtship, although she realized that he would never leave his wife and two children. Afterwards, the woman found out that Bezdnyakov was a big fan of sadomasochist perversions.

One of the former cooks of the college said that there were many rumors at the college about the man’s bizarre dispositions. She said that Bezdnyakov once showed her a video on his cell phone depicting a woman copulating with a steed.

“He asked me if I would like to do the same. I ran away from him and told him that he needed to get help,” the former college cook said.

Irina S. was celebrating her 41st birthday the night when she was murdered. The party at the personnel department of the college ended after about 10 p.m. Being well gone, Bezdnyakov asked Irina to come with him to his office to talk.

The man’s intentions were obvious, and the woman did not repulse him. However, the man could not have sex with her because of his weak erection. To her own misfortune, the woman made a joke about it. “Can’t get a hard on, can you?” she said.

The officer went out of his mind. “I will show you good sex, bitch,” he yelled and hit the woman in the face. He grabbed an entrenching shovel from a cabinet and attacked the woman with it. “He inserted the handle of the shovel into the woman’s vagina and began to move it there back and forth very strongly. The woman lost her conscientiousness because of pain, but the rapist stopped only when he saw that the woman was not breathing anymore,” forensic experts said.

“I tried to stop the bleeding, but could not do it. I did not call the ambulance because I knew that there would be many questions. I didn’t want to compromise myself,” the man said.

Vladimir Bezdnyakov attempted to commit suicide after his arrest. He may now face up to 15 years in jail.