Author`s name Lisa Karpova

Maximum urgency Saharan tragedy !!!!!!!

42273.jpegLaayoune is totally blocked. No one can enter or exit. Hundreds of troops block all exits from the city and all entrances to the camp.  A genocide is imminent. Hundreds of tankers, rapid intervention forces, riot police, gendarmerie, police and soldiers are surrounding the camp and the city.

An hour ago, a convoy of 70-80 rapid response trucks arrived at camp, and ten trucks were accompanied by 3 ambulances. In their entry for the control of Laayoune, they have closed everything behind them.

Willi Meyer (MEP UI) and other Spanish persons are being held in their plane that landed a few hours ago in the airport of Laayoune. Several of them were assaulted.

The city of Aaiún has already risen. Hundreds of Saharan are crowded in the control points to access the camp, and are being dispersed with tear gas.

The Saharawi city has already been closed down. Moroccan flags filled the city due to the celebration of the Green March. The situation in the city is on high alert, the Sahrawi trying to voice their objection to the absolute blockade, but the Moroccan forces of repression forcefully dissolve any objections.

From tonight police carry rifles.

Morocco will enter the camp at any moment. The Moroccan military from loudspeakers warn of a violent entry and the dissolution thereof. Their positions are increasingly closer, now glued to their tents. The Saharawi are regrouping to prepare their defense, the feeling is one of resistance and so to act.

The Saharan face tankers, riot police, military, regular police, gendarmes, rapid intervention forces and all are armed and ready for genocide.
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Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova