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Do European values exist anywhere?

Many Western trumpeters, who periodically accuse Russia of the absence of freedom of speech and human rights abuses, say that nothing of the kind can exist in Europe, because there are European values there​​. No one really thinks on the essence of European values. Even leading experts can not give a clear answer to this question. So do they exist?

European values ​​does not exist

This was said yesterday by the Minister for Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinsky. He is convinced that European values ​​are merely the product of imagination of intellectuals, who are engaged in the promotion of the North Atlantic propaganda. "There are no European values. Everyone has their own values, each person​​. If these people are put together, they will be united by  some of these values," the minister said.

Vladimir Medinsky believes that it is incorrect to speak about the universal set of uniform standards of values for the world.

"The world is very diverse, as God created it as such. There can be a lot of differences between Aboriginal Australian, residents of Switzerland, peoples of Central Africa, Armenians or Russians, particularly, in terms of their values, in terms of how they understand good and evil. On the basis of these views, one should not say that some are right and others are not. It took thousands of years for different nations to form a certain pattern of life and thought," the minister explained his position.

Medinsky also added that "it often happens that one state, under the auspices of global, so-called universal or European values, tries to impose its values on other nations."

What are European values ​?

Do you know what a European value is? Probably not. Do not worry, you're not alone. Nobody knows what European values are, because they simply do not exist. This is just another propaganda cliché, which is very good to use, when there is essentially nothing to say, but is necessary to attract audience.

There are many of such clichés or stamps. Do you know what a civilized country is? Or enlightened humanity? Freedom of speech? Public opinion? Political consensus? Human rights? Civil society? There is no exact answer to these questions, because they are all nothing but clichés that someone needs.

For a while, these word combinations are considered as something serious, but they very quickly degenerate into meaningless clichés. Yet, these expressions still continue to exist in the minds of many people; they are regularly used by Western politicians, as well as journalists, scientists of politics and human rights activists, who feed from their hands.

European values take a special place ​in this propaganda. During perestroika and the "emergence of the new Russia," many Western "democrats" were trumpeting about these values. And they continue to speak about them to this day. You see, the European choice for Russia is irreversible, and European values mean the world to Russia.

But no one specifically says a word about what kind of values they are. Maybe the Greeks and the Germans have common values​​? Not at all. It should be noted that the values of the English and the Germans ​​differ a lot more. Or take, for example, Eastern Europe - Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, even more so - Serbia and Croatia. Where are their European values? More precisely, do any of these countries have them? Perhaps the Serbs, who consider the socialist past their golden age? Or maybe the Poles, who dream of restoring Rzeczpospolita within certain borders?

Okay, we will not take Eastern Europe into account - they have the "heavy Soviet past" behind. But we can compare the Scandinavians and the Italians. Will, for example, the Swedes agree to refer Italian Mafia to "European values"? Certainly not! And if you compare the Dutch and the Belgians, it turns out that the former has long tired of being the "former", so they prefer to look at conservative values ​​(of course, since they have marijuana and prostitution legalized), and the Belgians are radicalized to the limit.

Maybe European values ​​imply religious values, rather than political ones​​? Well then, tell this to the Irish, or to the Croats and Serbs. Tell this to the begging Spanish and Portuguese commonwealth  - tell them that their religious values ​​coincide with those of Protestant Germany. Perhaps "European values" stand for religious tolerance? There is some disconnection here. Is there religious tolerance in France, where they banned headscarves or in Denmark, where they publish comics about Islam?

Let's leave religion alone. Perhaps "European values" stand for common philosophical and ideological ideas that do not have specific differences between them. Why did Sweden, because of such "common ideas," think about leaving the European Union after the "trade union scandal," when the European Court acquitted the Latvian company that was engaged in construction in Sweden, but refused to pay employees on Swedish rates? Ignoring the requirements of trade unions for Swedish "bourgeois socialists" is much more important than "European values​​."

Maybe, European values ​​imply the value of peaceful settlement of conflicts? The bombing of Yugoslavia does not fit in them. Moreover, where was fascism and Nazism born?

Many say from tribunes that "European values​​" primarily imply a high quality of life. A high quality of life is a dream that can hardly ever come true to those living in Eastern Europe, or in Greece, Italy or Portugal. Taking a look at their  "high quality of life," one would never want any European values.

As you can see, there are no European values. But it sounds so beautiful - "European values​​!" After all, one can accuse other countries of their absence. For example, one can accuse those who fight in the Russian parliament. However, it is strictly forbidden to mention anything about the English Parliament, where brawls, fights and brain concussions are commonplace. One can also accuse other countries of high-level corruption, referring to the inadmissibility of this phenomenon under "European values." It is important not to say anything about  the corruption in Italy and France, though. Of course.

European values: ​Blood and violence

One should bear in mind the fact that the so-called law and order in Europe is based on unprecedented terror in a historical perspective, because the whole of European history is about constant wars against all. Wars, genocide and repression - this is Europe. 

Hundreds of thousands of people had been exterminated by national and religious affiliation for centuries: Reformation, Inquisition, Albigensian wars, crusades and cannibalistic laws. Progressive Protestants burned thousands of "witches" at the time. Russia has never dreamed of such values. We did not have the Bartholomew massacre or Albigensian wars.

One can not even compare European laws with Russian ones on their brutality.  In Britain, children would be hanged for stealing in the 19th century. In Russia, the maximum penalty was hard labor at that time. In England, peasants would be tried for being poor and homeless and then executed.

European prosperity is based on the exploitation and plunder. Since antiquity, European "democrats" of the time had slaves, who were not considered human beings. Democracy did not extend to them. The colonial era is a logical continuation of ancient history, but with greater ferocity. European slave traders and entrepreneurs devastated Africa. They were plundering the continent for centuries. European settlers wiped out the native American population almost completely, with the help of their weapons and new diseases.

And these people are trying to impose "European values" on Russia? Please...

Sergei Vasilenko


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