"Black-and-White Petersburg" Exhibition Opens in London - 19 March, 2003

An exhibition titled Black-and-White Petersburg opens in London on Wednesday to become the centrepiece of St Petersburg's 300th anniversary celebration in the British capital. The exhibits from the National Museum of St Petersburg History and Luke & A Gallery of Modern Art, London, and from private collections of Moscow and St Petersburg will be hosted by Leighton House Museum.

The Museum of St Petersburg History press service told RIA Novosti that the exhibition would feature more than 100 engravings, prints and black-and-white photographs showing St Petersburg.

The exhibition presents works of masters from Peter the Great's epoch to our days showing the renowned monuments and architectural ensembles of Russia's "northern capital", the change of architectural styles and city planning principles.

The viewers can see artists' favourite city sights and print techniques (etching, aquatint, monotype, linocut, engraving, different ways of photo print) to compare the approaches of engravers and photographers to such a traditional genre as city landscapes.

In the autumn of 2002, the exhibition was demonstrated in the Peter and Paul Fortress exhibition hall.

Londoners can visit the Black-and-White Petersburg exhibition till April 25.