Author`s name Michael Simpson

Dali's Double Exposed

Former secretary of Salvador Dali, Peter Moore, who sold a collection of the Master's works at an auction, is charged with fraud and falsification of Dali's works
The Europa press agency reports that the initial price for these works by Dali was 300-400 thousand euro, but they were sold for 4.6 million euro.

Earlier these works (290 drawings, sketches, water-colors, canvas and sculptures) were exhibited at the Dali museum in the Catalonian city of Kadakes. The secretary of the artist who sold the collection in Paris said that he had a right to get 10% of money obtained through sale of the works, as it was stipulated by Dali's will. 

The Spanish authorities allowed Peter Moore to take the collection out of the country as they thought there were no well-known works by Dali in the collection and consequently it was of insignificant commercial value. Spanish art critics strongly objected and said that the collection was of high artistic value as it unveiled the artist's evolution within 1920-1975. The auction trades demonstrated that the collection has high market value.
Many people in Spain were surprised to know that permission was given to take Dali's works out of the country. The Spanish Prosecutor's Office blamed Peter Moore and his wife Catherine Perrot for encroachment upon intellectual property and large-scale fraud violating 12 clauses of the criminal code.

The Prosecutor's Office demanded that the couple must be imprisoned for ten years. It declared that the secretary, being responsible for Dali's relations with foreign organizations and individuals, betrayed the artist's confidence and used the connections for "personal illegal enrichment" after Dali's death.

Peter Moore and his wife are also blamed for forgery of Dali's works that the couple organized on a large scale. They even fabricated the signature of the great artist.