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September 11 - Day of Culture

Let us turn September 11 from a day of mourning into a day of culture
Jules Rimet, a collaborator of PRAVDA.Ru in Brazil, has sent us an excellent idea which is gaining pace around the world, to transform the forthcoming September 11 into a positive cultural exchange.

“Share a book!” is the slogan which will accompany those who decide to write a dedicatory message in a book and leave it in a public place for the first passer-by to pick it up.

The book should be one that the reader has enjoyed or one which marked him/her in some way. In return, the reader will find other books which have marked others.

The initiative will take place on the morning of September 11 in Paris, Brussels, Florence, San Francisco and many cities in Brazil, with many other cities at this moment deciding to join in the event.

This way the September 11 will be transformed from a day of mourning into one of generosity and cultural exchange.