America awards Mukhail Shemyakin

A famous sculptor and artist Mikhail Shemyakin has been awarded for his “Achievements as an Immigrant.”

The ceremony took place in New York,  where Shemyakin had been presented with the award from America's Fund of Immigration.

“I arrived to New York especially to accept the award,” stated Shemyakin in his interview with ITAR-TASS. “I am flattered to accept such an honorary gift in America, where I have lived for more than two decades. At last, my work has been appreciated. I am not even mentioning several PhDs that I was able to acquire in the course of my long stay in this country. At 39, I was titled the youngest professor at the State University of San Francisco.”

When asked about his intentions to move to Europe, Shemyakin replied: “I once had a dream of working in Europe, since it is closer to Russia. Due to financial difficulties however, I keep postponing the move. I have already suggested Russian Ministry of Culture to turn my New York's museum into a massive Art's Fund in order to introduce Russian art works to American public. I am unable to do all of this by myself,” said Shemyakin. 


Source: NewsRu