Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Sex and water: fully compatible

That is correct, this article is devoted to the subject of having sex in water. Below are several options you are most welcome to explore.

In a bathtub

Every glossy magazine for women seems to recommend its readers to take a sensuous bath as the best way to seduce Mr. Right. A hot bath for two with lots of foam should do the trick, say the magazines. You are supposed to take a bath in between a candlelight dinner and a night to remember on the silk sheets. No doubt about it, it is a marvelous piece of advice. However, you had better think twice before leaping into a bed made up with silk sheets – those are designed for slipping and sliding, and therefore both parties involved in a sexual union have to display a bit of expertise for having fun on slippery surfaces. Why on earth should you take the risks of misfiring on a night like this? Come taste the main course without bothering to move around!

Do it in a bathtub.

Problems: “It feels so cramped, uncomfortable, and it really hurts down below because it is so dry, believe me or not…” The dryness of the vagina can be a real problem because the vagina’s natural lubricant agent normally gets washed away in the process. Besides, the use of soap or bath foam in combination with water can cause discomfort or irritation of the mucous membrane of the female external genitalia, especially if you have a sensitive type of skin.

Solutions: Equip your bathtub with a pair of reliable handrails. Visit a gym on a regular basis so that the sexual acrobatics will not stand in your way of getting pleasure. Do not forget to wash the foam off your body (and tell you partner to follow suit) before making love. However, the problem of lubricant seems hard to solve. You can try and use a variety of artificial oil-based lubricants for the purpose. But those lubricants are guaranteed to dissolve latex i.e. safe sex in a bathtub is out of the question.

In a bathhouse

Banniki or the bathhouse spirits were believed to have raped women in bathhouses, according to a popular old-time Russian belief. The mystical creatures provided a fine excuse for committing sinful acts in a bathhouse, a killing floor of choice. It stands to reason that a bathhouse was traditionally associated with some naughty behavior that could not but burst open amid the semidarkness and steamy walls. A bathhouse in Russia is still a popular venue for having sex. The reasons are quite mundane. Many young couples have to share apartments with their in-laws. However, it would be wrong to describe a bathhouse as a breeding ground for debauchery. Visiting a bathhouse with your husband or boyfriend is no shame. In addition, you can take a sauna.

Problems: Steer clear of asteambathhouse if you are affected by cardiovascular diseases. Sex in a bathhouse may be equally dangerous if you fall under the category. It would be rather preposterous to die at the peak of sexual pleasure after having a heart attack due to overheating.

Solutions: Under no circumstances engage in sexual activities in a steaming-house or while taking an ice-cold bath shortly afterwards. Have a break for fifteen minutes before savoring the fruits of passion.

In a lake or river

Some people celebrate the feast of Ivan the Bather on the eve of summer solstice. Others prefer to unwind on the 7th of July in line with the church calendar. Those of the latter group will be swimming in the nude at night. Needless to say, the swimming paves the way for other activities of a less innocent variety.

Problems: Finding a pristine body of fresh water to swim, not to mention the rest, is one of the biggest problems for today’s residents of urban areas. Sex in the muddy water could cause mild irritation of the mucous membrane; it is a problem that is usually ignored afterwards. In any case, those with a penchant for wet sex should be aware of billions of microbes lurking in the water. Safety first – consider dead branches, rocks, trash or broken glass lying at the bottom before you step inside.

Solutions: Go deep into the country and find some lonely retreat away from the usual tourist attractions. Use a topical antibacterial cream as a precaution. Carefully inspect the underwater area of a place you are going to use for having sex.

On the seashore

The expression “I’m going to spend my vacation at a sea resort” is frequently used as a euphemism for a summertime romance. On the level, just a few girls go to the seaside to slim down or get a tan. The majority are enticed by the idea of having sex on the moonlit beach.

Problems: Your skin may become sore by rubbing and microscopic wounds and cracks on your epithelium may get worse if you have too much sex in the salty sea water. Besides, it would be hard to keep your balance while having sex at sea if it gets rough. You may as well get washed away by the waves. Again, safety is on top of the list. Stay afloat. A real seaside fling requires guts and swimming skills.

Solutions: You can use saliva as a mild antiseptic for treating your irritated parts in the morning, especially if the nearest drugstore is miles away. Get your partner to lick up your “wounds” while rendering the same service to his body. Both your partner and you are likely to take pleasure in applying this first-aid method.


Translated by Guerman Grachev