Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Poroshenko not strong enough to rule Ukraine

Instead of the indecisive Yanukovych, the indecisive Poroshenko came to power. More and more experts in Russia as well as in Ukraine tend to such a meaning. The reason of the Minsk Protocol violation is seen not in the influence of the United States, but in the Ukrainian Rada resistance. Even in case Poroshenko gave an order, the Parliament would not agree upon it.

Mikhail Pogrebinsky, political scientist (Kiev Centre of political research and conflictology):

"If we had a decisive man instead of Poroshenko, ready to take charge of this way towards peace, and not afraid to be toppled; able to consolidate the forces focused on peace, it would be real to implement. At last these are our politicians who take up force and powerful personality, ready to take responsibility. But, unfortunately, I do not see such a potential of our President. Maybe, it could turn up in a sudden, but I really doubt it".