Terror acts in Paris and Mali: To be continued

The Malian military managed to liberate about 80 hostages, who were taken prisoners by the radical Islamists in the territory of the Radisson Blu Hotel. On Friday, terrorists used to hold captive up to 180 people. 27 people were reported dead.
Vasiliy Filippov, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Tropical African Studies at the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
A so-called 'Idiotic putsch' took place in 2012. The legitimate President Amadou Touré was dethroned a month before the elections. Special services of the US and France should have most probably done it.
Touré was dethroned namely because he tried to diversify the foreign policy of Mali and let China get down to the uranium mines, that would deprive France of monopoly on extremely low procurement prices for this strategic raw material. Then, as France faced this threat, they organized a military expedition there, accusing Touré of the Islamic fundamentalism. After this military expedition, the French virtually took control of power in Bamako, and there was appointed a president with quite a questionable legitimacy. While the Tuaregs and fundamentalists left to the neighbouring Sahara. The war was certainly not finished at that.
After the intensive bombardments from the French Rafales, Islamists felt no doubt angry, and used to say that revenge will follow. Thus, even current events in Paris may be connected to those that took place three years ago. Al-Qaeda and the IS are closely intertwined, though. These are almost parts of a single terror International. And I believe that all these events happen so simultaneously not by chance and it's not the end.