Turkey not to refuse its policy in Syria

The Russian PM claimed, that 'good-neighbour relations' between Ankara and Moscow had been undermined as a result of an incident with our Su-24 bomber, which crashed yesterday. Dmitry Medvedev noted, that the matter concerns not only humanitarian, but also economic sphere of cooperation. It is known that one of the Turkish companies will not deliver meat to Russia from now on. Though, vegetarian standards non-compliance is a reason here. The Turkish Stream may be struck far more severely with the discord between the countries. The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom) project of a Nuclear Power Plant construction in the territory of Turkey has good prospects of suffering due to a new discord. It is not clear how the tourist industry will react to the possible loss of 12% of its clients, as that is the part of Russians, who prefer to go on holidays to the Republic. Navigation of vessels through the Black Sea is also open to question.
Azhdar Kurtov, historian, political scientist, chief editor of the RISS journal "National Strategy Issues":
'We have a whole set of relations: economic, trade and financial. And as it exists, they may be diminished, stopped, or confined within strict limits of terms fulfilment.
So, there are some levers. But we should realize that we will hardly get the desired result, in case we resort to them. And the desired result is Turkey's refusal of the policy it follows in Syria.'
Which role does Turkey play today in the Middle East? And who regards the Republic as a really good neighbour?
Azhdar Kurtov, historian, political scientist, chief editor of the RISS journal "National Strategy Issues":
'Turkey poses as a possible leader of the Middle Eastern Muslim world. And it got used to undertake demonstrative steps in this sense not only against Russia and the government of Bashar al-Assad, but also against Israel. It evoked response in some countries of the Arab world, as well as in Jordan.
What about the Saudi Arabia, we should realize that the Saudi Arabia is a centre of the Sunni Islam. In this respect I believe that they regard the Turkish attempts to create a centre of the Sunni Islam out of their country rather cool and suspicious.'