US makes Turkey down Su-24

Attack on the Russian Su-24 aircraft may turn out to be an 'orchestrated provocation'. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister said that, 'as the aircraft in service with the Turkish Air Force are made in the US, the Americans always demand to be asked for a permission before delivering such strikes. Our aircraft was downed by the American F-16. Interestingly enough whether this requirement applies to Turkey as it does to other members of the coalition. If it does, I wonder whether Turkey asked a permission to boost its aircraft into the air and down let it be even an unknown aircraft over the territory of Syria.' Sergey Lavrov claimed that, 'it looks very much like an orchestrated provocation.' 'Since the very beginning of the operation in Syria a hot line was put into operation between the Russian National Defence Control Centre and Turkish Ministry of Defence, which was not set in motion neither yesterday, nor before. It also triggers big questions.'