Obama wages 'new' war against Daesh

The US President Barack Obama has called a tragedy in California to be an act of terror. The US authorities have no evidence meanwhile, that the murders were directed by any terrorists from abroad, or that they were a part of a broader conspiracy in America. Though, Obama is sure that the terror threat has 'evolved into a new phase' for the recent years. What does this 'new phase' lie in?
Leonid Krutakov, political analyst:
'I don't know, maybe this phase lies in the fact that it has reached the US, if it was really orchestrated by the IS adherents. When it happened to Russia, as the planes were blown up, in Paris, in Belgium, or somewhere else, it was far away in Europe. The Americans themselves are an isolationist nation, they live on an island with a feeling that nobody will reach them. War has not entered their territory for 200 years so far after the Civil War. But, the US was an official participant of the First and the Second World Wars. At the same time, it has not affected the US territory or its residents in any way, but for the well-being. The first problem of obesity became a national one in the US during the WWII. The new phase probably lies in it.'