Adventures of Kerry in Moscow: US isolates Russia no more

The US Secretary of State John Kerry receded from the previously declared isolation of Russia. He claimed that isolation was made at a certain time, while now the US has a fruitful cooperation with Russia. Kerry made this statement as being in Moscow on a working visit. What influenced such a change of the US' and its State Secretary's stance remains unknown. Though, it may be the Russian operation in Syria, or cordial welcome in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin talked with John Kerry over three hours. And there were two most important issues on the agenda, that is the Islamic State and Ukraine. Moscow and Washington agreed to coordinate their acts in Syria, and keep making up a list of terror organizations. According to Kerry, the Moscow's and Washington's views on the situation in Syria coincide greatly. 'Despite the different stands of our countries, we showed that the US and Russia work in one direction'. Kerry also said that some Russia's strikes in Syria are aimed not at the Islamists, but the moderate opposition. And according to him, Vladimir Putin took it to notice. What about Ukraine, the parties still believe that the Minsk Protocol should be implemented without fail.
However, the themes Putin and Lavrov discussed with Kerry, caused no sensation. Thus, the public speaks not about the results of the negotiations, but rather Kerry's ramble through the Arbat Street along with the US Ambassador John Tefft, when the State Secretary prove his words on the end of Russia's isolation once more, having bought a Matryoshka.