Ukraine to seize Crimea?

Vladimir Gorbulin, adviser to the President of Ukraine, warned Russia of a possible war. As he said, if Kiev does not manage to return the Crimea and Donbass by means of negotiation, it will be time to deploy army. By his estimation, war can be started in two or three years. ''Liberation may take long and only at a favourable opportunity, when Ukraine gets stronger, Russia weakens, and the Western allies are ready to support liberation war of the Ukrainian people against occupiers,' Gorbulin claimed.
Sergey Yermakov, deputy Director of the of the The Taurida Information and Analysis Center of RISS:
''These statements should be regarded as a bluff in fact. Ukraine just does not have forces to liberate the Crimea by force, as they say. It is clear, that the Crimea is a part of the Russian Federation. And it is clear, that Russia will defend its territory. Military superiority is colossal over Ukraine. There is even nothing to talk about. While Ukraine's relying on help of the Western partners is not serious. No one will get involved into a conflict because of Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine itself offers to initiate an attack against the Russian territory, as the Crimea is the Russian territory. But that cat won't jump. Neither US, nor NATO will get involved in a serious military confrontation with our country because of Ukraine even on its own. It is evident. And the latest events show it clearly.''