Kim Jong-Un promises US vendetta

Head of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un threatened to strike South Korea and the US, which activate military preparations after the launch of the carrier rocket with a satellite on board by Pyongyang this year.
Korean People's Army Supreme Command claimed, that "all the powerful strategic and tactical strike means of our revolutionary armed forces will go into preemptive and just operation to beat back the enemy forces to the last man if there is a slight sign of their special operation forces and equipment moving to carry out the so-called 'beheading operation' and 'high-density strike".
According to the statement, first target will be the Presidential palace ''Blue House'' in Seoul, where ''plots are woven in order to exacerbate confrontation with compatriots in the north''. The secondary targets are the American bases in the Asian-Pacific Region, as well as on the US mainland.