Nuland counts up Russians killed in Donbass

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US Department of State, claimed that Ukraine should get free of "dirty money and dirty politics", so that not to become a vassal state. The statement was made during hearing at the US Senate Committee examining "Ukrainian reforms: 2 years after Maidan revolution and Russian invasion".
"In recent weeks, we have seen a spike in cease-fire violations, taking the lives of 68 Ukrainian military personnel and injuring 317," Nuland said.
Beside that, she revealed information of the American intelligence on the quantity of Russian regular military men killed in Donbass. According to her, there were 400-500 of such Russian soldiers.
The US State Department Assistant specified that it's not an official data, but intelligence evaluation.
As she said, the US' and international community's support of Ukraine depends on the mood of its leaders to put the Ukrainian people and the country on the first place.
Nuland claimed that reformers in Ukraine should restore consensus in the ruling team as well as around the program of the IMF reforms and the corresponding EU program on the measures combating corruption, restoring justice and liberalizing economy.
Nuland also pointed out several signs of the progress, noting that the Ukrainian currency rate stabilized during the last six months and the economy went up.