How much Russia paid for operation in Syria

Vladimir Putin told how much money Russia had spent for operation in Syria. According to the President, it cost 33 billion roubles.
As Putin said, "these are the resources of the Defence Ministry, that have been already included in the budget of the Ministry itself for the year 2015, aimed at the exercises conduct and combat training."
"The state has just redirected these resources to maintain the group in Syria," the President said.
According to Putin, "no one invented a more effective way of training, honing military skills than combat actions, and in this sense it's better to use, spend the fighting resource in action than on a training ground".
The Russian leader said that, now "extra expenditures will be needed connected with the replenishment of our arsenals, weaponry and equipment first of all to the specified parameters, as well as repair of equipment, which was used in Syria." But, Putin believes that, "these expenditures are absolutely justified and essential."