What for has Obama come to Cuba?

Barack Obama has arrived to Cuba with his wife and daughters. This event has already gone down in history. Foot of an American President has not trodden on the Cuban island for over 88 years. Diplomatic relations between the countries were broken off after the revolution in Cuba. First of all, Barack Obama met with employees of the US Embassy in Havana. The American leader delivered a speech, where he noted, that presence of the US Embassy means that the United States may promote its values and interests in a more effective way; and that his visit represents a historical favourable possibility to improve diplomatic relations between the countries. Obama thanked members of the Embassy for their every day bringing about rapprochement between the US and Cuba. It should be noted that Raul Castro did not met Barack Obama at the planeside, however, the American leader though intends to carry out talks with the Head of Cuba and deliver a speech on local TV.