Russia to be deprived of 2016 Olympic Games?

Thomas Bach, Head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), stated that all the Russian athletes may be barred from participating in the 2016 Olympic Games, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro this summer.
Bach explained, that the Russian team will be removed from the Games should World Anti-Doping Agency prove the systematic use of doping drugs in Russia. According to him, in this case "the IOC would react, with its record of proven zero tolerance policy not only with regard to individual athletes, but to all their entourage within its reach". Thus, the IOC intends to demonstrate once again to everyone that the organization stands for the purity of the Olympic Games.
In its turn, the Russian Olympic Committee claimed that Russia would fully cooperate with WADA in the investigation. The athletes who use doping, regardless of the country they represent, can not participate in sports competitions and should be punished for their irresponsible actions, Russian officials said.