Russians name their main enemies

The Russians consider such countries as the US, Ukraine, and Turkey to be their main enemies, the latest research of Levada-Centre reported.
72% of those surveyed believe that the US shows biggest hostility towards Russia, Ukraine is on the second place with record-breaking 48%. The third most hostile country is Turkey, as 29% believe.
The main friends of Russia according to the survey are Belarus (50%), Kazakhstan (39%), and China (34%). Syria is considered to be a friendly state by 10% of the Russians.
As Pravda.Ru reported, Head of the NATO alliance Jens Stoltenberg claimed as speaking in the Warsaw University, that "NATO seeks no confrontation with the Russian Federation. We don't want a new 'Cold War'.
He stated that Russia is the biggest neighbour of the NATO countries and it plays a positive role in settling global problems, as it was with the Iranian nuclear deal or chemical weapons in Syria. That is why, Russia-NATO Council is so important, Stoltenberg noted. As the Secretary General said, the alliance would like to hold a new meeting of the Council before summit in Warsaw in July.


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