Russian Khmeimim to outdo NATO’s Incirlik

Russia plans to turn Khmeimim into a full-scale military base in Syria. A permanent contingent of the Russian Aerospace Forces will be deployed here, Franz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of Defense and Security Committee of Russia's Federation Council claimed.

'As soon as the legal status is submitted, Khmeimim will become a base of the Russian Armed Forces, corresponding infrustructure will be built and our military will live in decent conditions,' the Senator claimed. 'The group of Aerospace Forces may be increased according to bilateral agreements, but as for now forces and means, which are currently there, are enough to implement the tasks'.

The Syrian army was quite seriously demoralized when the Aerospace Forces were deployed, and the Russian power let them restore combat effectiveness in Damascus. Intelligence and fire support allow the Syrian army to successfully solve the tasks they face.

As Klintsevich explained, 'Russia realizes that unless it takes adequate measures, a full-scale terror threat will get to it. We should act and as we can't manage to agree upon joint acts with the West, we are strengthening relations with regional players, these are Syria, Iran and Iraq.' As Pravda.Ru reported, agreement between Russia and Syria on permanent deployment of the Russian air group on a free-of-charge basis in the region of the Kheimim airfield in the province of Latakia was signed on 25 August 2015.