Iranian military detains US destroyer

The Iranian military intercepted the US Nitze missile destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz, the Pentagon representatives reported. The incident took place on 23 August.

It is known that the Iranian high-speed boats approached Nitze at dangerous distance, despite numerous warnings. Two motorboats came within 300 yards of the ship. Beside that, the Nitze Command tried to contact the boats by radio not less than 12 times and sounded the alarm thrice in an attempt to warn the navy of Iran that they do not understand their intentions and consider their course as unsafe. The destroyer fired 10 flares towards the Iranian vessels and had to change its course several times. Later after the warnings, military vessels of Iran slowed down and sheered off.

The Pentagon official claimed that acts of the Iranian navy were unsafe, unprofessional, and violated international law and rules at sea. The State Department noted that two missile destroyers Nitze and Mason were going across the Strait of Hormuz under routine operations.