Trump is made to go against Russia

The US Congressmen, as well as top-level representatives of the security services are going to demand tougher policy on Russia from Donald Trump. They want to insist on adoption of a Deterrence concept towards Moscow, which would be similar to that approved by the US President Harry Truman against the USSR.
As a source in the Republican party revealed, 'current political elite of the Democrats attributes all of their fails to Russia and tries to explain all the failures with Moscow's intrigues. That is old thinking, which is not shared by the new Administration. Now pro-democratic elite is going to offer a Deterrence Concept on Moscow. They believe, that Truman's Doctrine is an ideal example of how one should deal with the Russian Federation'. According to him, key postulates of the concept are 'deterrence, geopolitical blockade, and propaganda against Moscow'.
It should be noted, that the Truman Doctrine is a concept of foreign policy which was proposed by the US President Harry Truman in 1947. Many experts believe that the concept played a significant role in escalation of the Cold War and seriously destabilized international relations of that time.