Europe admits: Russia’s isolation is fatal mistake

Former Head of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and current Member of the European Parliament Louis Michel called the policy on Russia's isolation to be a serious geopolitical mistake. As the former Minister claimed, 'the international community, should it be the United States, though to a lesser extent than the Europeans, we make a serious mistake, a geopolitical mistake, by self-isolating from Russia. After fall of the Berlin Wall we should have become partners with Russia'.
According to him, the West should make Russia its 'privileged partner'. 'Russia is a European country. And I think it would be important to have a kind of special and rather close partnership with Russia,' Michel added.
Member of the European Parliament also noted that decision of the US President Barack Obama to expel Russian diplomats was the final move of the President, which showed his mood.
As Pravda.Ru reported, the EU lost 17.6bln euros because of anti-Russian sanctions according to data of the Austrian Institute for Economic Research. Beside that, sanctions led to loss of 400,000 jobs in the EU countries.