What is behind allegedly failed Trident launch

As it turned out, London did not inform public about failed launch of a Trident missile from the British Vengeance submarine. The missile was not equipped with nuclear warheads, nonetheless it it right to silence such incidents and can alike problems take place with other missiles?

Mikhail Aleksandrov, leading expert at the Centre for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO:

'Fight for greater allocations for upgrade of strategic nuclear forces is taking place in London. That is why such leakage could appear. A leakage which has no relation to reality. On the one hand, it could have really been a failed launch of a missile. But, on the other hand, there could have been no failed launch. A leakage appeared. Where did it come from - it is not clear. Thus, one can assume that it had been orchestrated on purpose. As far as the British authorities do not recognize this in any way, the leakage is profitable for ramping up allocations for the upgrade of strategic nuclear forces. But supposing that testing of missiles really failed, it's a serious signal, which evidences the British strategic forces being in bad condition'.